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Curriculum Vitae

I’m an inspiring, motivated technical leader with excellent communication skills capable of building high-performing teams. I’m a true technologist with an energetic passion for open-source, security and the professional development of those around me.

My focus is on technical leadership, but I’m a skilled software engineer that’s not afraid to get my hands dirty. My primary area of technical expertise is in Cloud automation, Linux and Information Security.

I’m heavily motivated by hard technical problems for good causes.

Experience #

Canonical #

VP Engineering May 21 - Present #

As VP Engineering (Enterprise Solutions), I lead the development of Juju and the ecosystem of charms that deliver an enterprise-grade data platform, observability platform, machine learning operations platform and more. I also lead the Starcraft team, responsible for the delivery of Canonical’s “craft” tooling (snapcraft, charmcraft, rockcraft, etc.).

My technical reach extends beyond my own projects as a trusted advisor to those my junior and senior. I’m frequently involved in engineering decisions behind Ubuntu, LXD, MAAS, Multipass and Canonical Kubernetes.

My day-to-day focus is on the development of the directors, managers and senior ICs in my organisation that enables them to move confidently and autonomously. I have grown the organisation from around 25 to almost 100 in a little over two years, while maintaining high engagement across the board.

Outside of my product engineering responsibilities, I authored and rolled out a new employee levelling framework and promotion process company wide throughout 2023.

I conceived and authored the Canonical Leadership Academy - a six-month course comprising a handbook, weekly Google Meet seminars and a workbook aimed at developing leaders across the company to drive their teams more effectively and sustainably. The first cohort began in Nov 2023.

Product Lead Mar 21 - May 21 #

  • Led the design and delivery of features across functional teams.
  • Worked closely with CEO & CTO to evolve technical strategy for Juju and charms.
  • Consolidated and authored missing technical documentation for Juju and ops.
  • Introduced and designed the Juju Terraform provider.
  • Delivered live training at Operator Day / Kubecon 2021 (video).
  • Researched and authored technical style guides and implementation examples for charms built with ops.

Thales UK #

Technical Solutions Architect 2019-2021 #

  • Proposed, designed and delivered a multi-tenant, cloud-native development platform on Microsoft Azure, delivered through extensive use of infrastructure-as-code and automation.
  • Designed, built and open-sourced a ‘zero-trust’ SSH tool in Go (sshizzle).
  • Built, trained and mentored a new cloud engineering team.
  • Helped define Thales UK Digital Platform strategy through frequent interaction with C-suite leadership as a technical consultant.
  • Defined Thales Group’s container security assurance process and best practices.
  • Executed engineering consultancy engagements ranging from critical national infrastructure to startups delivering zero-trust networking products.

British Army #

Captain 2013-2019 #

  • Architected and built multiple high-end bespoke Electronic Surveillance capabilities.
  • Created a small start-up programme with a culture of disruptive innovation.
  • Conceived and delivered bespoke technical development and training programmes.
  • Co-authored the ‘CEMA Framework’ for the British Army which underpins Joint Forces CEMA doctrine.
  • Deployed tactical Electronic Warfare and strategic Signals Intelligence capabilities.

MWR InfoSecurity #

Internship Jun 12 - Oct 12 #

  • Four month internship as Ruby on Rails applications developer
  • Delivered a robust, modern internal messaging and information sharing system

Education & Certification #

Contact #

You can contact me at or on Telegram.